13 Best Wood Bed Frames 2020: In-depth Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are moving into a new house or revamping your existing living room, one of the most essential parts is making sure your bedroom provides you with a comfortable sleep at night.

Choosing the right bed frame for your mattress certainly fall in your to-do list.

Today, I will be illustrating to you my recommendations of the best wooden bed frames you can choose to enhance your sleeping experience to a whole new level.

Before we dive right into the core part, here's a brief overview of how you can go about choosing the right wooden bed frames for your bedrooms.

The Build Quality

First and foremost, this part is crucial for choosing a bed frame that has the most values for your bucks. 

A quality bed frame needs to have the solidness of its entire structure.

It needs to have the capability of sustaining heavy weight on them.

Combining with a mattress, the bed frame needs to sustain any weight imaginable that lies on top of them.

Besides, the centralized gravity point must be superbly low on the downforce.

The energy that comes on top of it must be quickly distributed downwards for the best balance and weight sustainability of the entire bed frame.

For example, if you are using a king-size bed, there's a possibility of more than two individuals sleeping on it.

Therefore, regardless of which part of the mattress that is gaining the extra weight, it has to be distributed down efficiently.

Here's the thing my friend, everybody behaves differently, that makes a human being so unique.

Individuals who prefer and prioritize on a specific type of mattress certainly exist.

For example, some people prefer to use a foam mattress.

The bed frame that you choose also needs to provide a comfortable sleep.

Here's an example, someone who is heavy vs adequately lightweight people.

The weight distribution from the mattress to the bed frame works differently.

A heavy person will quickly feel the surface of the bed frame.

Therefore, it's ideal to choose a bed frame that can sustain every type of weight pressure imaginable.

Another thing to consider is the bed frame's base.

Ideally, you wouldn't want to choose a bed frame that has a relatively high gap to the floor.

Instead, a mix in between is perfectly fine.

That way, you will enjoy the best experience going up and down from your bed.

Also, let say you have small kids sleeping with you, it's even more essential to choose a bed frame with the least gap so that it eases the kid's movement of going up and down the bed.

It prevents and protects you from accidentally falling from the bed as well.

If you are choosing a double-decker, make sure the top layer of the build is tough and solid for the best weight sustainability.

Also, the toughness of the build needs to take care of the lower deck.

For example, if the person sleeping on top move around changing the sleeping angle, the physical movements will not affect the person sleeping below.

Choose The Right Size

Size does matter when it comes to choosing the right wooden bed frame.

Depending on the size of your bedroom and the area you wish to locate it, measuring the size before choosing the bed frame is essential.

Know beforehand whether you want a single bed, double-decker, queen size or king size.

The Aesthetic Look

The beauty of the aesthetic look does matter to a certain extent.

When choosing the bed frame, choosing the types with solid craftsmanship is ideal to enhance your ultimate satisfaction.

For example, a finely polished surface adds the extra beauty look that certainly adds the gorgeous blend to your bedroom.

Even though choosing the most aesthetically bed frame is relatively subjective, it's still worth your time and effort choosing the one that suits your taste for maximum satisfaction.

Next, let us dive right into the list of my recommendations.

Are you ready?

Here we go!

13 Best Wood Bed Frames Reviews

1. Novogratz Her Majesty

The Novogratz brand has been established for more than two decades.

Within this long period, they have built a brand within the interior and home living arena.

This product is proudly a creation brought to you by Novogratz.

The Novogratz Her Majesty comes with every size for your bedroom.

Regardless of the spaciousness of your bedroom, it certainly fits well for the best sleeping experience.

For example, if you are a fan of king size bed, the king-size version of this product is certainly going to satisfy your expectations.

The entire frame is built solidly with the inner part of horizontal woods built adjacently from the top to the bottom.

This unique build design is going to sustain any weight imaginable, hence boosting weight and pressure distribution to a whole new level.

Regardless of how long you sleep and the type of mattress you use, this build design is surely going to enhance your sleeping experience.

As a result, you will be benefited waking up the next morning fully recharged and refreshed welcoming a brand new day.

Its exterior build is perfected with adequate height so that it will make your life easier when the moment comes for you to place your desired mattress.

Need some air and ventilation during your sleep?

It’s accomplishable with this product.

The entire supporting wood frame has a gap for enough air to flow through your entire mattress from the bottom.

Hence, you will be able to experience the sensational comfort of a perfect sleep with sufficient ventilation circulating your bed.

This product also has a combination metal stand ensuring the maximum toughness for a flawless and peace of mind sleep.

On top of that, its wooden legs are adequately tilted to maximize weight and pressure sustainability.

As a result, you can fully bypass the concern of additional weight issues for an even better sleeping experience.

Its tough build has you covered completely.

You can even sleep with your small kids, or playing games with your laptop on the bed.

That’s another good plus for the best values you are getting.

If you are a fan of aesthetically beautiful designs, this product surely worthy to be in your shortlist.

Superb craftsmanship combined with a modern contemporary aesthetic, every detail of the headboard is going to make your jaw-dropping.

Well-Crafted design with so many eye-pleasing details.

An impressively adorable design.

If you like simplicity, another feature of this product will boost your satisfaction to a greater height.

The carefully designed interior provides sufficient height to reduce bulkiness when you place a mattress on top of it.

Hence, the feeling of minimalist is accomplished.

Besides, the reduced bulkiness also ensures you can go up and down the bed easily.


  • It comes with every size of the modern bed.
  • Solidly built for maximum durability.
  • Aesthetically built for the best visual satisfaction.
  • Additional metal legs to further enhance the weight and pressure sustainability.
  • Designed to reduce bulkiness.
  • Modern design to increase ventilation for the best sleeping experience.
  • Adequate height ensures the flawlessness of cleaning the floor beneath the bed frame.


  • Lacks the variations of direct attachment to the floor.  

2. Zinos Deluxe Mid-Century Wood

Let’s begin with its sturdy design. It’s reasonably sufficient to be “wowed” at first sight.

If you are looking for an affordable bed frame without neglecting the quality, this uniquely designed bed frame certainly fits well for maximum satisfaction.

Aesthetically, it doesn’t make you fly to the moon, but then it’s sufficient enough to make your day.

I like the solidness of the eight wooden legs to maximize weight and pressure sustainability.

I am sure it’s hard for you to disagree to say otherwise.

On top of that, its legs are built with pine wood which arguably has the best capabilities of sustaining weight efficiently.

Next, moving to the wooden frame part, the part where you place your desired mattress, it’s built with wood horizontally nailed one after another to cover the entire base for your mattress.

Honestly, it’s not entirely fashionable, but then looking into the safety part of it, its solidness is sufficient to sustain any type of your preferred mattresses including your weight sleeping on it.

With such solidness and build quality, it certainly provides the best values for your bucks.

I am sure you are also prioritizing the comforts of a good sleep right?

Now, speaking of its aesthetic, it certainly does not provides the main course, instead, it’s an appetizer that also sufficient to make you satisfied and smile.

The adjustable headboard with beautifully polished craftsmanship is absolutely a no brainer.

It’s resizable to suit your taste and personal preference.

Whenever you feel like readjusting, it’s accomplishable easily.

Another great feature worth mentioning is that this bed frame is built with an unslipable tape.

Hence, ensuring your mattress from moving around.

This feature enables you to sleep comfortably at night.

For example, whenever you turn around changing sleeping positions during sleep, it will prevent your mattress from moving annoyingly.

It helps to ensure you have the best sleeping experience.


  • Solidly built to enhance durability. 
  • Adjustable headboard to suit your mood and needs.
  • Slip preventative tape making sure your mattress sticks around.
  • Additional toughness wood base stands. 


  • Contemporary built with old fashioned wooden frames mattress support.

3. Home Styles Aspen Collection Bed

Ever wondered how does it feel and look when you have a modern wooden bed frames with multiple combinations of wood quality build?

This unique bed frame is capable of showing you exactly how!

Besides its solid build to sustain weight and pressure, this bed frame is extremely gorgeous aesthetically.

It's built with a mixture of the black engineered woods and cherry veneers.

The result is a bed frame masterpiece with the feel of urban contemporary combined with an antique look.

It's eye candy and is arguably one of the biggest pluses of this product.

Now, let’s get into the details of its entire build.

Sized at 66 inches by 90 inches, it’s slightly larger than a standard American full-size bed and almost identical to the queen size bed.

It’s ideal to place any of your desired queen size bed on it for that perfect bed you dreamt for your bedroom.

Its spacious build means that you are going to experience a comfortable sleeping experience regardless of solo sleep or with your spouse and kids.

It can handle the weight and pressure efficiently.

The adequately sized headboard has the ideal height, it helps to provide the best side sitting posture and position.

As a result, you are able to watch your favorite movies on your bed more comfortable.

If you love to read books or doing some lightweight work with your laptop, this uniquely designed headboard is capable to satisfy all your needs.

Another part of the design that is worth mentioning is the precisely built base with the least gap to the floor.

This unique design ensures the maximum pressure and weight distribution from the bed to the floor efficiently.

This design provides significant comfort to enhance your sleeping experience as well as the peace of mind for maximum safety.

The crafted picture frame molding works well with the antique design of the bed frame.

So now, you can cherish the special moment every night while you sleep.

A completely brilliant idea for the entire craftsmanship.

When you place your desired mattress on the frame, the entire bed looks stunningly unique just like you are living the moment of those wild wild west moments, so experience this special moment yourself!

If you are a person who moves around during sleep, the unique and appropriately built footboard will prevent you from getting your foot injured.

Its surface smoothness will take care of that.

A great feature of this product will benefit you hugely.


  • The combination of quality engineered woods for the entire bed frame.
  • The unique craftsmanship of the antique aesthetic.
  • Tough and solid weight distribution with its unique base support.
  • Photo frames molding for you to cherish the special moments.
  • The perfect gap for the uniquely designed headboard and footboard.


  • The possibility of extra cumbersomeness when cleaning the floor below the bed frame.

4. Dorel Living Airlie Solid Wood Bunk Beds

Another flagship product brought to you by Dorel Living.

If you are looking for a wooden bed frame that has space without compromising on quality, this product worth your effort adding it to your bedroom shopping cart.  

Uniquely designed with irresistible attractiveness, this double-decker wooden bed frame is capable of accommodating a full size and a twin size bed respectively.  

The lower bunk features a larger mattress area where you can place a twin size mattress, whereas the top bunk can house a full-size mattress for additional individuals to sleep comfortably. 

Why is this bed frame so unique and a class of its own? 

Well, here are some of the plusses that deserve a big round of applause.  

  • Solidness  
  • Superb craftsmanship  
  • Gorgeousness 
  • Enhance security on the top bunk  
  • Maximum comfortable ensured with full and twin sizes mattress accommodation  

Aesthetically, its entire visual appearance surpasses my expectations.  

Built entirely with fine dark wood, its finished color is already extremely eye-pleasing and enticing.

The top bunk build is even more beautiful with a carefully handcrafted iconic curve.

If you are a fan of the antique and exotic items, I am sure you will be amazed by its beauty.  

Its beautiful design is already a big plus and unique aspect of the entire build.

To spice up its uniqueness, this product will provide you the best comfortable sleep with its added wood grills to maximize security.

Hence, you can sleep comfortably with full peace of mind knowing that it delivers its job fabulously. 

Now, speaking of the design of the headboard and footboard, it’s designed with a crafted gap between the entire boards.

This design approach is going to enhance your sleeping experience to another level due to its capability of attracting airflow for better ventilation around your bed. 

If you emphasize on proper air ventilation during sleep, it’s going to satisfy you tremendously. 


  • Unique design that combines with the solid build quality.
  • Detachable bunk for extra standalone bed frame.
  • Aesthetically visually pleasing with additional handcrafted curves.
  • Uniquely designed headboard and footboard that boost airflow and ventilation to maximize your comfortable sleeping experience.
  • It fits ideally with full size and twin size mattress simultaneously on both bunk.
  • The additional height of security grills is built around the corners of the frames to maximize the security during your sleep.
  • Adequate height on the lower bunk design enables you to store additional mattresses for your kids and guests.
  • The balanced design enables the best weight and pressure distribution during your sleep.


  • Possibly unsuitable for heavy people to sleep on the top bunk due to its thin woods stairs design.

5. Naple White Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

If color solidness is something that sparks your attention, then this double-decker bed frame is certainly worthy of your closer look.

Aesthetically built with white finish in its entirety, its uniqueness is relatively enticing with the first sight.

Let’s begin with its build quality.

The entire bed frame is built with scientifically engineered woods, hardwoods, as well as laminated veneer lumber, hence the toughness durability is ensured for the maximum weight sustainability.

The stairs are also appropriately built.

That way, you are able to climb up and down the deck easier to prevent avoidable accidental falling from happening.

So they say you gain one thing and loses another.

That’s entirely arguable opinions, it seems to suit well with this product.

Here’s what I just meant.

Its enhanced security measures built combined two headboards attached to the frame.

This build design certainly boosts a new level of extra security especially if small children are sleeping on it.

The enhanced security also means the compromising on its entirety beautiness.

It looks awkward to a certain extent.

If you are prioritizing safety over aesthetic, it shouldn’t be bothering you much.

But then if you care a lot about aesthetic design, it causes a little disappointment with its double dull headboard and footboard.

So then why this product makes it to this list?

That’s a good question.

Well, as far as the completeness of an entire bed frame is concerned, the utmost prioritization should be given to the safety part.

As long as it is safety proof, then it is worthy to be one of the best wooden frames for your new home.

Its design aesthetic is compensated with the entire polished white finish.

That’s a uniqueness worthy of gaining your attention.

Speaking of safeties again, the entire top deck of this bed frame is built with four-sided adequately measured height for maximum safety.

Even after you place a thick mattress on it, there’s still enough gap to prevent falling from the bed.

That’s an enormous amount of precise safety measures implemented.

As a result of this, you can reap the huge benefits to have an even better sleeping experience at night.

When safety meets comfort, that’s a revolutionary combination to boost your sleeping experience to another unimaginable level.


  • Solidly built to maximize satisfaction.
  • Wide stepping area on the stairs to enhance your foot grip.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with polished white painting.
  • Safety first really is the real deal. The entire bed frame is built with a new standard of safety.
  • The flexibility to sleep in any direction. Not feeling entirely comfortable sleeping with a stair next to your head? Well, simply change your sleeping position with its precisely built changeable headboard and footboard.
  • There’s enough room for you to perform your regular floor cleaning.


  • Lacks proper ventilation coming directly to your head position.

6. Dorel Living Phoenix Solid Wood

Sometimes when the bedroom's spaciousness is concerned, proper space management can boost the look of your bedroom greatly.

This product makes it to my list due to its minimalist design without compromising the aesthetic.

Its toughness is also sufficiently acceptable.

On top of that, it can be dissembled for another standalone bed frame.

In terms of its aesthetic, this double-decker wooden bed frame is built entirely with a fine polished brown wood finish.

This translates to a better visually pleasing bedroom as far as aesthetics is concerned.

If you are someone who likes classic minimalist wooden frame design, this bed frame will entice you in every aspect without a doubt.

Moving on in details, it's built ideally to save space without compromising on sleep quality.

If you are used to sleeping alone, or if you prefer to sleep alone, this double-decker bed will benefit you as you can choose to sleep at the top or bottom.

Even better, the entire bed frame is detachable to assemble another unique bed frame individually.

That’s the real uniqueness that adds significant value to this product.

This feature allows you to personalize your bedroom with an additional bed frame to suits your needs.

For example, the detachable bed is extremely useful when you have guests visiting your house.

The detached bed frame can be assembled separately for your guest.

If you are sleeping with a buddy or a companion, the detachable frame works great to eliminate the cumbersomeness of climbing up the stairs or if he or she dislikes or feels uncomfortable sleeping on the top deck.

Moving to its solidness, the entire bed frame is constructed with fine woods to sustain weight and pressure for two individuals flawlessly.

The wood on the lower bunk is built for maximum stabilization due to its low gap of height to the floor.

A brilliant design idea to maximize weight and pressure distribution while maintaining a good balance for your sleep.

This unique design will enhance your sleeping experience to a whole new level due to the extremely solid balance of weight distribution to the floor.

Different types of bed frames suit different bedrooms based on the space available and personal preference.

If you are scratching your head undecided to choose the right bed frame for your limited space bedroom, this product fits perfectly with its space-saving design.


  • Detachable bunk to maximize usability.
  • Fine quality woods construction in its entirety.
  • Lower bunk design with maximum weight and pressure distribution to the floor.
  • Easy to climb stairs with a large gap in between.
  • Aesthetically beautiful with a combination of simplicity and unique design.


  • Possible discomfort on the lower bunk due to its floor bunk design.

7. Acme Furniture Over Twin Bunk Bed

If you fancy wood furniture, it’s good news to you because this bed frame is built entirely with Woods!

Not just ordinary woods but quality woods.

Aesthetically, you will surely love it.

Its gorgeousness and uniqueness are going to blow you off! 

Firstly, this bed frame comes bundled with a complete set of related bedroom furniture such as nightstands, dressers, mirrors and drawer sets.

Secondly, it’s a double-decker bed.

Lastly, it looks like a miniature similar to those featured in fantasy Hollywood films.

A portable flying miniature wooden bed frame!

Ain’t that wonderful? 🙂

So jokes aside, one of the best features of this product is its pushable drawers at the lower deck.

It can be used to store extra mattress, and it’s extremely beneficial.

For example, if you have guests visiting you, the extra mattress can be used for an extra person to sleep.

Alternatively, you can also use it for your family members, kids. In terms of its aesthetic, it’s relatively unique with solid stairs.

This uniqueness enables you to go up and down the bed easily.

Multiple drawers slotted into the staircase space.

A brilliant design idea that’s redefining the new norm for today’s modern bed frames design.

With these innovative drawers attached to the stairs, you can utilize these spaces to store your frequently use goods such as your portable mini vacuum cleaner, iron, bed sheets, towels, blankets, and even your kid’s toys.

It’s extremely beneficial from the perspective of a consumer.

There are also square designs that enhance its aesthetic look.

Furthermore, it boosts extra security while climbing up and down the stairs.

You can hold the solid area for extra grip so that you can go up and down the bed without any issues.

On top of that, you are also protected with a solidly built wood design preventing an accidental fall from the top deck while sleeping.

This safety measure is ideally implemented with proper height for your maximum safety and sleeping peacefulness.

Even better, there’s the gap design specifically for grip awareness.

You can touch it to feel the grip thus subconsciously know that you are well protected from falling during your sleep.

A great feature that benefits you tremendously.


  • Solidly built entirely with modern aesthetically beautiful wood design.
  • Enhance space-saving to a whole new level with multiple drawers slotted into stairs.
  • Accident preventive design along the stairs and upper deck.
  • Drawers to store additional mattresses. 


  • Relatively limited space for extra comfort even for solo sleepers.

8. Dorel Living Kayden Daybed Solid Wood

At first sight, the entire design of this wooden bed frame looks multi-functional.

Its build is spacious enough to be used as a sofa for your bedroom.

That’s interestingly unique.

As far as solidness is concerned, its build is strengthened with fine woods nailed horizontally on the frame.

That’s an extra toughness enhanced for maximum weight and pressure sustainability.

Regardless of your physical weight, this build quality is going to enhance your overall sleeping experience while taking care of the safety aspect of your sleep.

Aesthetically, it’s uniquely distinguishable from those casual single bedded frames available on the market.

If you love the unique feeling of the spacious full wooden bed designed with a mix of flexibility, this product is not going to disappoint your taste.

Its design will enable you to flexibly transform your bed frame into a spacious sofa for various occasions and purposes.

For example, if you want to have some fun and entertainment in your bedroom, this bed frame can be changed to a spacious sofa for a movie session with your kids and spouse.

It’s spacious enough to accommodate a few people sitting on it flawlessly.

Or perhaps if you enjoy reading novels in the cold raining night, the flexibility of changing to a big sofa will boost your reading satisfaction to a whole new level.

And when it’s time for bed, just prepare a pillow, blanket and you are good to go.

On top of that, its extremely spacious design is going to enhance your sleeping experience to a whole new level.

For example, you can stretch your arms and legs comfortably during sleep, the spaciousness also means that it prevents you from accidentally felling down during your sleep.

Pure awesomeness when safety meets comfort.

The entire combination will enhance your overall sleep quality so that you can sleep soundly till morning.

A great feature that benefits you tremendously for an uninterrupted sleeping session.

The lower floor of the frame is also designed to store an additional pushable bed frame.

As a result of this, you can utilize this feature to store additional mattresses for your kids, guests, friends and even yourself.

If proper ventilation is one of your main concerns during sleep, the unique design of this bed frame has you covered completely.

Its vertical wooden slat design ensures sufficient airflow circulating your bed.

This feature will help you to sweat lesser during the hot night while ensuring good ventilation.


  • Its spacious design ensures the maximum comfort for your sleep.
  • The entire bed frame is changeable to a fully functional sofa.
  • Uniquely designed with toughness ensured.
  • Solid fine wooden slat design to maximize weight and pressure sustainability.
  • Its base is designed for additional mattress storage.
  • Solidly built with fine woods in its entirety for the best aesthetic satisfaction.


  • Its big space could cause the bulkiness concern for some people.

9. Mid-Century Modern Wood Platform

Whether you indulge yourself in the modern world, or you cherish the good old days, this bed frame enables you to experience the best of both worlds.

It’s uniquely designed with urban contemporary touch while delivering the classic look of the typical bed frames that you are familiar with.

Besides the headboard, the entire bed frame is built with wood.

Hence, its solidness is out of doubt.

Perfectly ideal for solo sleepers, couples, even parents with kids.

Even though the maximum weight capacity is limited to 600 IBS which translates to approximately 272kg, it’s more than sufficient to sustain two individual’s weight with a kid.

Additionally, if you are looking for the classic feel, this product is not going to disappoint you as its design is aesthetically combined with a fabulous classic blend.

The base leg supports are tilted for the extra toughness to sustain pressure and force on top of it.

If you are someone who likes to sleep soundly without accidentally in physical contact with the building materials, then its edgeless design has you covered in this aspect.

Now, let’s touch on its aesthetic.

Uniquely designed and astonishing craftsmanship is how I describe the gorgeousness of the bed frame.

With the Christmas and holiday season approaching, this product can be luxuriously placed in your guest room providing them the best hospitality experience.

Its fabulousness is too enticing and there’s no reason why your visitors won’t be “wowed”.

I am sure they will be showing their sincere appreciation for treating them the unforgettable sleep during their stay.

Also, its sturdiness ensures s smooth placement for any of your desired mattresses.

Just choose any types of mattress and place it on top of the bed frame, it’s as easy as that.

If you are a big lover of gorgeous design, its headboard design is going to attract your attention in full admiration.

On top of that, its linen fabric is going to stimulate your touch senses, a smoothness beyond words can describe.


  • Gorgeously built with modern contemporary and classic design. 
  • Edgeless frame for the best convenience. 
  • Adequate height to the floor ensures the easiness of going up and down the bed.  
  • Linen fabric to boost aesthetic to a whole new level.  
  • Luxuriously built to suit modern bedroom. 


  • Weight limitation of 600 IBS.

10. Coaster 202411F-CO Traditional

Have you watched the recent Hollywood blockbuster Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil?

Awesome and epic right?

If you are still indulging yourself in the world of the beautiful castle, you can now transform your bedroom into a little traditional look.

This unique wooden bed frame will add the extra blend of an ancient castle feel to your bedroom.

Aesthetically, it’s awesomely built with fine quality hardwood that ensures its ancient traditional look.

If you love the feeling of the good old days, this product is going to help you make it a reality.

The finished product is specifically built and crafted for this purpose.

Honestly, it does showcase the traditional look pretty well.

Moving on to its build quality, it doesn’t show any lack of toughness.

The entire bed frame is built with solid veneer and hardwood to maximize its solidness.

The bed’s support base legs have enough height for the best weight and pressure management.

Hence, it helps you to sleep comfortably all night long.

Ideally placed with a king or queen size mattress, the height of the mattress fits perfectly to match the edge of the frame thus providing the feels of premium bed frames that looks traditional.

A unique mix of combination that is going to make you smile and satisfied whenever you enter your bedroom.

How about walking in your modern bedroom with the feel and look of ancient times?

Even better, sleeping on an ancient traditional bed?

It's accomplishable with this uniquely built bed frame!


  • Aesthetically beautiful with traditional build design.
  • Tough and solidly built to sustain heavyweight.
  • Adequate height on the base design ensures a smooth and flawless cleaning.


  • The possible dislike of its bulky look for some people.

11. Modway Melanie Mid Century Biscuit

Everybody has a unique taste for a comfortable bedroom.

If you live in a modern bedroom, and spacious is not your concern, this bed frame could be the real deal for your ultimate sleeping experience.

Perfectly built with modern design, a combination of both aesthetic and toughness.

If you enjoy sleeping on a spacious mattress uninterrupted all night long, this bed frame certainly deserves your closer look.

Its queen size measurement ensures it has adequate space for solo sleepers, and couples.

The nature spaciousness of the queen size also means that the desirable comforts are achievable.

Its base wooden support build works extremely well to sustain a good amount of weight and pressure.

So the combination of the spaciousness and solid build quality ensures you get to sleep soundly waking up refreshed and reenergized.

As a result of the tough weight and pressure sustainability, you can now sleep, work, playing with kids, read, or any other activities that could happen on your bed!

There are also ultra-solid horizontal woods to support your mattress.

Regardless of your mattress choice, they fit exactly on the bed frame precisely for the best satisfaction.

These additional woods support also ensures that you have another layer of security for maximum flawless sleep at night.

In terms of gorgeousness, the supreme fabric craftsmanship is going to transform your mood to the very best as soon as you enter your bedroom.

It’s aesthetically pleasing and that's the beauty that makes the bedroom uniquely yours.

Say you are not in the mood for any reasons or whatever circumstances that happened, you can feel relaxed and regain that self peacefulness within yourself.

If you are moving into a new house, this bed frame is an ideal choice for the best modern contemporary feel for your bedroom.


  • Built with the toughness to sustain weight and pressure efficiently.
  • Aesthetically pleasing that helps to paint the beauties of your bedroom to a whole new level.
  • Minimalist design to satisfy your taste for your modern bedroom.
  • There’s enough height to go up and down the bed easily
  • Additional wooden base support for maximum durability.


  • None.

12. Max & Lily Solid Wood Full-Size Bed

If you are shopping for a wooden bed frame for your kids, this product brought to you exclusively by Max and Lily should be ideally on your top shopping list.

And why is that?

As one of the most remarkable brands that manufacture furniture for the kids, their creative innovation and design are fully inspired by two kids -Max and Lily.

If there’s a furniture manufacturer that’s worthy of your time and attention, they certainly deserve it.

This full wooden bed frame is built with solid pine wood, it delivers a sense of new generation of aesthetic beauty as well as the industry’s toughness standard.

It’s visually very enticing and eye candy, a truly irresistible finished product.

First, let’s take a look at its build quality and solidness.

Do not get discouraged by its clean and minimalist design.

They say never judge a book by its cover.

The same theory applies here.

This bed frame is built with high-quality pine wood from New Zealand, it ensures the maximum durability and weight sustainability.

If you are a parent that is planning to buy a bed frame for kids that can last for the long term, this product fits well to be your perfect choice.

Its solid build can sustain a weight as high as 400 IBS, which translates to approximately 189kg of overall sustainable weight.

It’s extremely sufficient for your kids for years until they have grown up to be a younger teenager.

As a result, it helps to save you lots of money, time and effort in the long run.

A value that is truly worthy of your investment for your beloved kids.

Besides its solid pine wood structure, the center of the mattress accommodation area has a tough metal built vertically for even better weight and pressure sustainability.

A plus point that enhances and secure your kids from a potential unwanted accident from happening.

That makes you happy parents as a result.

If you are planning to install this bed frame in a small bedroom exclusively for your kids, it’s important to take care of the space-saving.

Thankfully, it has you covered in this regard.

Its uniquely designed base height has enough room for additional storage based on your personal preference.

For example, you can store your kid's toys, additional mattresses, drawers or even a trundle bed for your kids.

This space utilization is going to help you tremendously in making sure your kid's room is as neat and tidy as possible.

Wanna know what this product does to enhance your kid’s sleeping experience to a whole new realm?

Well, its headboard is specifically designed to maximize the airflow for the best ventilation for your kids.

Besides, its fully slated footboard design also ensures your kid’s leg from stretching out from the bed, which is going to prevent discomfort during sleep.

Wow, your kids will be thanking you showing their deepest appreciation.

Well done for being a kind and caring parents.


  • Minimalist and clean design.
  • Extremely tough build quality ensuring maximum safety for your kids.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with pine wood construction.
  • Adequate height for space-saving.
  • Security measures enhanced to a whole new level with metal built vertically on the mattress accommodation part.
  • Extraordinary weight sustainability up to 189 kg.


  • None.

13. Canwood Whistler Junior Bed

If you are looking for a wooden bed frame with a mixture of minimalist and contemporary for your kids, this product fits well to be your bedroom's mattress companion.

With sturdy build quality, it has superb solidness for the best weight and pressure management.

Built entirely with rubberwood to maximize the stability of the entire bed frame structure.

If you have kids that are ready to sleep independently, the attached stairs have extra safety measures to ensure your kids can climb up the bed without any issues.

It’s built to sustain your kid's weight superbly well.

On top of that, the flat base design of the stairs further enhances the grip of their foot so that they can go up and down the bed without the risk of unnecessary slipping off.

If the safety of your kids is your number one priority, the extra guard wood on every side provides secondary security measures ensuring your kids are safe all the time while sleeping.

Regardless of how your kids move around during sleep, the adequate height is enough to prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening.

Its slightly higher wood construction also means that there’s room for storage.

If you emphasize on the tidiness of your bedroom, this bed frame design is going to help you to manage your bedrooms space efficiently.

Depending on your personal preference, there are many ways you can go about utilizing the unused space below your bed.

For example, you can store additional mattresses for your guests, you can also slot in a portable bookshelf or dresser.

That way, your entire bedroom will look spacious hence the feeling of satisfaction is ensured.

It’s no coincidence that this wooden bed frame received many positive ratings, that’s a direct translation of a tremendous amount of satisfied consumers.

If you are a lover of a wooden bed frame with a minimalist design that’s solidly built for your kids, this product is undoubtedly going to be one of your favorite products in your shopping list.

Its entire design is geared to maximize the ultimate sleeping experience for your kids.


  • Solidly built with rubber woods in its entirety.
  • Adequate height on the base for extra storage.
  • Top-notch security measure for your kids with full guardrail design.
  • Easy to climb flat stairs for maximum foot grip.
  • Aesthetically pleasing minimalist design.


  • None.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, the complete list of wooden bed frames that are worthy of your time and attention.

The wooden bed frame is one of the highly sought after bed frame build of all time.

That's is why it’s essential to search for the best that suits your taste, style, and needs.

It’s subjective individually though.

But it does give you an overall idea of how you should go about choosing the perfect frames for your new bedroom.

These products are my recommendations based on their entire build quality.

To sum it up, when you are choosing the bed frame, make sure that it fits the right size of your desired mattress, aesthetically beautiful that you will love, most importantly, it’s solidly built to sustain your weight efficiently.

Also, if you are looking for a bed frame that saves space, it’s highly recommended to choose the double-decker to simplified the look and tidiness of your bedroom.

The detachable bed frame could also be your choice if you need and prefer the flexibility of its assembly catering for various events and occasions.

I hope you find this post valuable.

If you need any add on or feel like giving feedback, feel free to leave me comments below.