How To Clean The Bedroom? 10 Steps To Boost Your Cleaning Efficiency

With Christmas season coming, it's essential to thoroughly clean up your bedroom for a fresh and brand new environment to welcome the upcoming new year.

Cleaning your bedroom also ensures that it's hygienic and free from any harmful bacteria, dust, fungus for the best optimum health and sleeping experience.

In this post, I will be showing you the suggestions and methods to clean your bedroom effectively like a pro.

Before I begin, I will be listing the requirements on your end to maximize the effectiveness of the entire cleaning process.

Do note that these are just merely my personal opinions, advice, and suggestions, you may not necessarily abide by them, however, it certainly helps for a flawless bedroom cleaning.

So are you ready, if you are ready then let's rock and roll and get our hands dirty!

Pre-cleaning requirements - My personal opinions and recommendations

Feel free to proceed to the next section if you know exactly what it takes to start the in-depth bedroom cleaning.

Make sure you are not overly full of food 

Rather, you should be adequately full. 

This is to prevent yourself from getting an appendix as you will be doing quite a lot of physical movements. 

Contrary, you also don't want to be starting a thorough cleaning with an empty stomach, you need the energy to perform those physical activities.

Switch off the fan, air conditioner, air purifier

Open the windows, and door instead.

If conditions disallow, then at least turn the fan speed to the lowest to prevent dust particles scattering in the air.

Wear cotton or nylon clothing that eases physical movements

The reason is that these fabrics absorb liquid well.

You will be sweating along the cleaning process.

Start early and time management is crucial for seamless cleaning

Your bedroom will be revamped within a couple of hours.

Make sure you are in a good mood 

If your day has been ruined for whatever circumstances, then it's highly recommended to choose another day for cleaning.

In simpler saying, you need to be happy and free of emotional distraction for a flawless cleaning.

That is because you will be dealing with loads of hectic cleaning so it's essential to get rid of any emotional attachment.

Do not rush through the cleaning

If you stay focused and devoted to it, the entire cleaning process will be easy peasy.

They say the slow and steady wins the race.

It applies to cleaning as well. 

Slow and steady ensures a smooth and effectiveness of the entire cleaning process.

Safety is your number one priority

Walk slowly on the wet surface.

If you are wearing sandal during cleaning, make sure it's the one with grip.

A gripless sandal can cause an accident to happen during the cleaning process, and that is something that you don't want.

We hear from time to time that people are felling down during house cleaning that resulted in physical injuries.

Accidents during cleaning are preventable if you follow the safety measures and staying alert at all times.

Prep before actually begin the cleaning process 

Get ready all your cleaning tools, and equipment, get them sorted out for each phase of cleaning.

You don't need a checklist though, but you certainly need a rough idea of how these cleaning tools come into handy at each phase of cleaning.

Make sure you are not physically tired 

You need to be in your best form to avoid jeopardizing a flawless cleaning.

Turn on the music, preferably jazz music

 It will be your companion for the entire cleaning process.

Approach the cleaning process one phase at a time

This is important to ensure you do not get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of works that needed to be done.

Make sure you wear protective gloves during the entire cleaning process

It's extremely important to ensure that your hands are not getting contact with the surface of anything that you are about to clean, and also to ensure you are not getting contact with the cleaning liquids.

Even if you plan to use a mildly medicated cleaning liquids, it's always be safe than sorry.

Also, It's important to wear a face mask.

Choose a mask that will filter the dust and particles instead of those surgical masks used in the clinic and hospital.

I care about you, I do.

Truthfully and wholeheartedly, that's why this part is mandatory.

If you are reluctant or stubbornly unwilling to abide, then please don't begin the cleaning.

Are you ready?

Let's get to cleaning!


Separate the clothing that is ready for laundry

This is the first thing recommended to do before any other chores.

Your day to day clothes that are ready for washing such as your jeans, khakis pants, skirts, t-shirts, undergarments, socks, and any other clothing imaginable.

If they have been worn before, separate them and put them all inside a laundry bucket.

Once it's done, take the bucket out away from your cleaning area preferably the living room or the corridor of the bedroom.

This step is important to ensure your cleaning zone is minimized with as little things as possible. 

Clothes that are ready for laundry

Double-check the existing clothing that was not worn before

‚ÄčThis step is necessary to make sure all your other clothing is free from odor, bacteria, and viruses.

Touch and feel them, if these clothes feel damp, chances are fungus and any other microorganism, germs and worms are habituating on the clothes.

Put them away inside another laundry bucket and get them ready for washing.

A quick tip for ya.

Those clothes that are not been worn for a long time, or are not recently washed are most probably a living place for micro bugs, germs, and bacteria.

It's highly recommended to separate them for washing.

Double check the existing clothing

Clear away any object within your cleaning zone

Things such as baby toys, luggage, decorations or any other things should be moved away temporarily.

This step ensures you get the most space for cleaning and I call it optimizing the cleaning process.

Next, it's the surface of your bed.

Clear the entire surface by taking away any objects on it such as books, handbags, phones, digital devices.

Place them back to their original location or you can store these items inside a container to ease your cleaning. 

Put the container to another location away from your cleaning zone.


Clear away the blanket, comforter, bedsheet, and pillowcase

Do not inspect them one by one to save time!

Take out every fabric attached to your bed for laundry.

Separate each one of them individually, fold them and place them in a laundry bucket for dry cleaning.


Sanitize the bed surface

This step is essential to make sure your bed is free from any bacterias, fungus, dust mites, or even bed bugs.

I recommend using a certified and quality industry-standard antibacterial spray.

Depending on your personal preferences, there are three ways you can go about this.

Firstly, it's the pure antibacterial liquid spray.

It can eliminate all micro-living organisms in your bed instantly.

Here's an example of a quality product.

Recommended spray to clean the bed surface

Secondly, it's the antibacterial spray that combines with a nice fragrance.

Here's an example.

Recommended spray with fragrance to clean the bed surface

Lastly, it's a combination of antibacterial spray that also eliminates strong cigarette odor left on your bed.

Spray and sprinkle any of your preferred antibacterial sprays adequately.

Do not overuse as it might cause wastage and a longer time for the bed surface to dry up completely.

The effectiveness of these products is proven, that's why they are mass manufactured to serve worldwide consumers.

Take a look at an example.

Recommended spray that eliminates odor

Next, we will begin the actual cleaning.


Clean the surface of every object in your bedroom

Prepare a small bucket of water mixed with a cleaning solution.

Use fiber cloth for this part of the cleaning.

My suggestion is to use a household cleaning product for the best efficiency.

Here's an example of a good product.

An example of a fiber cloth for cleaning the bedroom object

You can choose any of your preferred brands a long as it's a fiber cloth.

Now, why fiber cloth?

I heard you asked. 

Well, it's fairly understandable that the fiber clothes are manufactured to wipe away dust, oily stains, it's the most ideal solution for an effective cleaning session.

On top of that, it won't scratch your surface even when you are wiping surfaces with thick dust.

Trust me, it works like a charm, you need to try it to see for yourself its amazingness.

The best part is, it's inexpensive and reusable for your future cleaning.

Try to avoid using cotton and nylon clothes.

These fabrics absorb water well but lack the effectiveness of a superb cleaning.

Begin the cleaning part with your bed frames, and then proceed to your dresser, table, lamps, bookshelf, and any other furniture, so on and so forth.

Clean up every physical objects found in your bedroom.

Pay close attention to your closet as mold, fungus and even insect's lair can be found inside due to its humidity and enclosed environment.

If your closet has an odor, make it odorless by spraying some fragrance antibacterial spray.

Leave the door open while you proceed to other parts of the cleaning.

This move helps to dry up the interior surface of your closet naturally.

Rinse and repeat this step at least twice, change a brand new bucket of water once the first round has been done.


Congratulations on progressing thus far!

You deserve to have a quick rest.

Take a rest for ten to fifteen minutes before continuing.

Momentarily, you can also use a brand new towel to wipe away your sweat.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee if you wish.

Also, if you want an energy boost, make yourself a small cup of cereal drink to replenish your energy for the following part of cleaning.

Are you ready for the next phase of cleaning?

Let's continue.


It's time to clean the windows - Shining dustless windows makes your day

Now, it's time to clean your bedroom's windows, its grills as well as the wooden bar attached to it.

Use a piece of brand new fiber cloth I mentioned above.

First and foremost, use a glass cleaner liquid and spray it onto the surface of the glass adequately.

Then, wipe the windows single directional from the top to bottom, left to right. 

Whichever your personal preference, you could also begin from the bottom right up to the top.

Spray the cleaning liquid again if necessary.

Wash the cloth and repeat the step.

Next, continue to wipe the windows' grill and its attached wooden frames.

Depending on the layout and design of your bedroom, you might need a ladder to ease the cleaning process.

My advice is to be extra careful while climbing the ladder.

Make sure the ladder you use can sustain your weight and also open the ladder wide to its maximum length.

This step ensures the maximum balance as you climb the ladder's stairs.

Here's an example.

Ladder to aid cleaning the bedroom's wall

Be extra careful and climb up the ladder barefooted so that you can feel the steps as you are climbing up.

That way, you can obtain maximum grip as well.

Avoid using ladder adjacently lean against the wall to prevent potential accidents from happening.

Unless you are a professional and know exactly what you are doing.


Clean the wall - A clean and bacteria-free wall is a real deal

This is one of the most essential parts of the cleaning.

Now, many people have the misconception about the importance of cleaning the wall in your bedroom, it's arguably based on an individual's perspective and opinions.

But then, trust me, cleaning the walls is a big deal.

Why is that?

Well, there is a myriad of microorganism bugs, bacterias, viruses, mold, dust mites, living on your bedroom's wall!

Any kind of micro bugs namable exists there just that they are not visible with your physical eyes.

These tiny little bugs are crawling all over your walls.

Let me ask you a question real quick, have you ever experienced the feeling of sudden itchiness in your bedroom?

I'm sure you have experienced it before.

Clueless of why something like that happens suddenly?

There's a big chance these micro bugs are crawling to your skin to bite you.

They are jeopardizing your overall wellness in the long term.

Think about it, if you have infants living in the bedroom.

Babies' immunity is not that strong compared to adults, so exterminate all of them at all costs.

I have experienced such a scenario, and honestly, it's not a pleasant feeling at all.

A red swollen part on the hand surface with redness around it.

It triggers unbearable itchiness.

Though, it healed overnight but not an entirely good feeling at all.

I suggest you use a flat mop for this part of the cleaning.

Here's an example of a good practical product.

A flat mop to clean the bedroom's floor

Additionally, you will also need an antibacterial and antiseptic liquid solution such as the Dettol antiseptic liquid.

Mix a little into a bucket of water.

A mixture of a small amount is sufficient to eliminate all the germs on the wall.

Do not add too much unless you want your bedroom to smell like a hospital!

Now, the cleaning part.

Soak the flat mop into a bucket of mildly mixed antiseptic liquid, rinse dry and wipe the wall horizontally and vertically.

Wash the mop and repeat the step to achieve the ultimate cleanliness.


Vacuum and mop the floor of your bedroom

Now, here comes the heavyweight part of the cleaning.

Vacuum the entire area of your bedroom, that includes the wall's corners.

Use a portable and handheld vacuum cleaner for the tight area.

Once this step is accomplished, proceed to mop the area.

Prepare a clean bucket of water mixed with floor cleaning liquid, together with a mop.

Here's the example of what you need in this phase of the cleaning. 

A mop with a bucket for cleaning the bedroom's floor

Mop the entire floor surface gently, for the unreachable areas such as under the bed frame, TV rack furniture, substitute a new flat mop to maximize the efficiency of the mopping part.

Rinse and repeat two to three times.


Dehumidify the entire bedroom

Switch on your dehumidifier, or air purifier to normalize the pH of the room and to eliminate the dampness of the entire room.

Wrapping up

Well done on progressing thus far and successfully cleaned the entire bedroom.

You deserve a big round of applause.

This is a major accomplishment and with regular practice, you will surely achieve the status of an expert DIY bedroom cleaner:)

The final task to do is to send those clothes that you separated for laundry.

I recommend you to redo the entire thorough cleaning quarterly.

So when spring comes around, you will be finding yourself cleaning like a pro!

I hope you find some values here.

These are my approach on how I go about cleaning the bedroom.

Feel free to leave your thoughts to share tips on how you go about cleaning your bedroom flawlessly.